The Young Lizards

Ty Bailie driving the bus

Chris Fagan

The Young Lizards after a session at Studio X

Hey folks, the new Young Lizards (organ band) CD is officially in the pipeline after a great session a Studio X. I can’t tell you where or when yet but I’m super excited about the new tunes, the groove, and the sound we got over at X. This will be a follow-up to our first album, Our Modern Lifestyle which had a great run over the last couple of years. I’ve posted a video sample on youtube. We got great reviews including a nice one from Jack Bowers. We got great airplay in San Diego, Orlando, and Detroit as well as other fine places, and charted on Jazzweek for several months. I did an interview with Vince Outlaw on KSDS — FM in San Diego and the link is still up if you want to listen. MP3 and physical copies are now available on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Projects

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  2. Hi Chris,

    it’s me again. I’ve got one question: Your offer, to purchase ‘Our modern lifestyle’ directly via PAYPAL, does the 14.00 USD cover the shipping costs to Germany?

    kind regards,


  3. I placed my order. Is it possible to get a CD with an autograph? If it’s not, never mind…I’m looking forward to listen to THE YOUNG LIZARDS! If I would buy this cd in a german online-shop, I would have to pay more than 24,00 USD for one CD!

    • Dude, sorry I sent the CD off before I saw your post. 24,00 USD….that is terrible. What does a cup of coffee cost? I took the paypal link down but if you run into anyone else that can’t pay the Euro price, send me an email and we can work something out.

  4. Never mind! As long as I know that MY CD was touched by YOUR holy hands…ahh, I’m just kidding!I Thank you very much. Actually a cup of coffee costs approximately 4,00 USD, a gallon of unleaded fuel is circa 8,00 USD, a wonderful world, isn’t it? I still don’t know wether the Euro is a blessing or a curse…
    Thank you for your offer to help, maybe I come back to you. I’m very interested in your other CDs ‘lost bohemia’ and ‘signs of life’!

    kind regards,


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